High voltage engineering and consulting

Enersynt is an agile engineering consulting firm dedicated to designing and realising your high voltage installations. Our main expertise is the grid integration of large-scale renewable energy projects.

Our Services

How can Enersynt help your company?

Long-term consulting or specialist help, our services cover the full range of needs for high voltage renewable energy projects.

Grid studies

With an ever-increasing share of intermittent renewable energy production in the grid, there is an increased need to verify the impact of renewable generation units on the high voltage grid. This to ensure a safe and stable network operation.

Enersynt’s experience covers the entire spectrum of power system studies, ranging from steady state simulations, to transient studies, dynamic stability analysis and power quality assessments. Based on this experience, sound design decisions can be made to obtain grid code compliance at the grid connection point and to optimize the design of the high voltage grid connection system.

Enersynt - Grid Studies

Project support

Enersynt’s consultants have successfully managed multiple large-scale renewable energy systems from the initial design, through detailed engineering, construction, commissioning and energisation of the system.

Combining our experience in the realisation of offshore wind farms at both developers and contractors, Enersynt has a holistic view on the risks and opportunities at every stage of the project. Leveraging this experience allows Enersynt to provide significant added value throughout the project lifecycle.

Gemini Wind Farm Offshore High Voltage Substation - Enersynt
Gemini Wind Farm Buitengaats Offshore High Voltage Substation - Enersynt
Gemini Wind Farm Offshore Boat Landing - Enersynt
Gemini Wind Farm Onshore Substation - Enersynt

Specialist consulting

Enersynt provides independent engineering and consulting services, consisting of specialist technical and strategic advice to organisations operating within the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

Do you need help overcoming specific challenges, rethinking design decisions or performing an early stage feasibility analysis? Our consultants have a range of skills tailored to answer the issues associated with high voltage energy systems and the grid integration of renewables.

Enersynt - Specialist consulting
About Us

Meet the team

Enersynt was founded by a team of high voltage engineers, combining their expertise in realising high voltage substations and transmission systems.

Antoni Dalmau - Enersynt Director | Consultant

Antoni Dalmau

Director | Consultant
Stijn Hendrix - Enersynt Director | Consultant

Stijn Hendrix

Director | Consultant
Paul van Leest - Enersynt Co-founder | Consultant

Paul van Leest

Co-Founder | Consultant
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